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Ever since the latest IOS upgrade a few weeks ago, my iPad no longer plays MP4 or M4V videos. The IOS upgrade did not restore my backup properly and hence wiped out everything (pictures, songs, video, apps, etc) I had to put it back to factory fresh condition. Since that time, none of my videos will play. I get the error that "The movie format is not supported." It also displays no codecs.

What is odd, is I have used Handbrake, Xmedia Recode, WinFF, everything I can get my hands on to recode videos in the proper format. Nothing is working anymore. This all happened with the IOS change. I have even selected the video in iTunes and then "Advanced" > "Create iPad or Apple TV version". This does not seem to work either when I move it over to the iPad.

Can anyone please help? Thank you.

Dell i7 / 6 GB DDR3 RAM, Windows 7
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    Forgot to mention - when looking at the "get info" section, none of the video codec information seems to be ported over. It appears as though the iPad cannot read the codec information.

    I have validated all codecs are fine - even iTunes has told me that the videos are already in the proper format. It's just the iPad which seems that it cannot read the codec/info.