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My son just got xbox Live and we're trying to use Airport Express as wifi card for xbox (connected to xbox via ethernet). We use Airport Extreme as router for the house.

We're having trouble setting up Xbox Live, keep getting stuck at getting the xbox to communicate/access the web. Error reads "can't obtain IP address from router... make sure DHCP is enabled and has a large enough address range for all devices on network.. also make sure MAC filtering allows your console's MAC address or is disabled... "

We dont' know what else to do. I'm at wit's end before giving Gates $100... Anyone know how to get connected?

Thank you!

iMac Intel Core 2 Duo, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Welcome to the discussions!

    Can you tell us how you have the AirPort Express configured? Is it setup to "join" or "extend" the wireless network created by the AirPort Extreme?
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    You can also perform a simple test to verify if you have an internet connection at the ethernet port on the AirPort Express.

    Move a laptop near the Express, turn off the wireless on the laptop, and connect to the Express using an ethernet cable. See if you can open your browser and get a good solid internet connection.

    If you can, the Express is setup correctly and you know that you have an internet connection reaching all the way to the Xbox.

    If you can't then there is a configuration error somewhere and it will need to be identified and corrected.