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How do you go about combining separate lectures (i.s. tracks) into the same album (i.e. iTunes U class)? I can do it for music just fine by making sure all the tracks have the same Album Artist and Album names, but for iTunes U, it keeps splitting some of my lectures into multiple albums (e.g. ECON 159 Game Theory from Yale, 9.20 Animal Behavior from MIT) so that I have 2 "albums" for ECON 159 and 3 "albums" for 9.20.

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    So I figured out a way around this, which is to change the "Media Kind" of lectures downloaded from iTunes U from "iTunes U" to "Music." Then I can be as OCD as I want and change the names/titles so that they are uniform with other lectures I download. This also lets me organize iTunes U content into playlists that work on my iPod/iPhone (before these playlists worked on iTunes but not on my iPhone).