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I'm not sure why, but for some reason, I can't send mail from my iPad anymore. It used to work fine. Several changes have happened recently, however. Last week, I activated the 3G for the first time (used to only use WiFi) and turned off the "push" notifications and all that in order to save on use if I was out of WiFi range. I have since turned it all back on but still have the same problem.

Also last week, after I had already activated the 3G, our cable went out and I have cable internet, so we had no WiFi at home. It took 5 days before they came and fixed the cable. I'm 99% sure that I was able to send mail using 3G when the cable was down. Could some sort of setting have changed when they fixed the cable and I need to reset it? I'm not really good with resetting router settings and whatnot.... :-/

thanks for any help!

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