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I'm not sure why, but for some reason, I can't send mail from my iPad anymore. It used to work fine. Several changes have happened recently, however. Last week, I activated the 3G for the first time (used to only use WiFi) and turned off the "push" notifications and all that in order to save on use if I was out of WiFi range. I have since turned it all back on but still have the same problem.

Also last week, after I had already activated the 3G, our cable went out and I have cable internet, so we had no WiFi at home. It took 5 days before they came and fixed the cable. I'm 99% sure that I was able to send mail using 3G when the cable was down. Could some sort of setting have changed when they fixed the cable and I need to reset it? I'm not really good with resetting router settings and whatnot.... :-/

thanks for any help!

3GS, iPad, iOS 4, Toshiba laptop/ Windows 7
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    I tried sending using 3G and have the same error message.
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    on phone with apple now. they're confused, too.... :-/

    did the system reset (holding 2 buttons) and that appears to have fixed it, in case anyone else has this problem

    it seems like there was some problem with the messages in the outbox before I did the systems setting reset and the "2 button" reset (which deleted the messages from the outbox without sending them). voodoo!

    no more error messages....

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    I am having the same issue. I will try the reset option. Thanks
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    It didn't work for me ;(
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    that ***....did u try everything I did? I also did the system setting reset(settings/reset/reset system settings ... or something close to that), which solved the problem of not being able to send mail, but the "offending" messages remained in the outbox so I was still getting the error message until I did the "2 button" reset. If you have messages in your outbox, you could always try manually deleting them and then see if that works. also try the delete email acct/re-add email acct thing (which didn't work for me, but you never know)

    If none of that works, I highly recommend the Apple "call back" support. They were the ones to suggest the solution to my problem.

    LOL at the * haha

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    I was told my problem with sending email from my Ipad was a provider problem. not sure I am buying that as it seems as if others are having the same difficulty. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I Cannot send emails on iPad but can on iPhone.  Verizon tech worked two hours on iPad last week. And was fine til I went to use iPad this morning and bingo back to zero.   I give up. I am the sole user. Both iPhone and iPad both have same info