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what i want an ipad for is that it is lighter than a laptop and want something i can take to uni and work placement and later work to type notes and my diary on and keep up to date with emails when i am away from home maybe watch the odd thing on iplayer or similar (do these work ok?) and keep up with friends on facebook (though i dont play the games on there)
if you have iwork on it are there any conversion problems between it and a pc? or is there any of the abouve that i will not be able to do

mac, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    I have the iPad for a similar reason and use it when travelling to keep on top of e-mails, etc. I use Docs2Go rather than iWorks and it works pretty well for creating basic documents and amending docs.

    I find it fits well and have various books/magazines in pdf format plus some TV programmes for watching while traveling.

    If you want to watch iPlayer while on 3G then you'll have to pick your carrier carefully as some such as 3 allow it whilst others block it or compress the image.

    The iPad is at the heavy end of holding to watch for long periods, however, you can usually prop it up somehow.

    The best way to see whether it works for you is to have a play with one as it'll help you decide one way or another.

    Hope this helps.
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    i have had a play with one several times in the apple shop i was just concerned as i have heard of problems with compatibility (as my uni is all pc and microsoft word, powerpoint, pdf based) and was unsure if any of the things i wanted to use it for would incure problems related to flash.