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I have expanded my Wifi-N from my Airport Extreme with an Airport Express. But the maximum distance is only 10 upto 12 meters. I need it 25 meters further in my garden. Is the distance always so small of an Airport Express ?

Hubert Anemaat

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    Welcome to the discussion area!

    How many walls and/or obstructions must the signal pass through to reach the garden area?

    With no obstructions, the signal from the AirPort Express might be OK up to 20-25 meters. But, every wall in a home absorbs 15-25% of the signal on average and an outside wall on a home will absorb much more because it is much thicker.

    My guess is that the signal is not reaching the garden area because there are too many obstructions in the signal path. If this is the case, you will need to move the AirPort Express to the garden area and connect it to the AirPort Extreme using an ethernet cable. Or, if this is not possible, you could look at a pair of ethernet powerline adapters to deliver the ethernet signal over the wiring in your home.
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    Hello Bob,

    I looked to iron and walls. I placed the Airport Express behind a wooden door. I also tried it in the sun room with only glass. But I did not come further than 12 meters with my iPhone.

    Hubert Anemaat
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    I've tested the range of my AirPort Express which extends the wireless network from my AirPort Extreme. If I position the AirPort Express near a window and go outside, I can "see" the signal with my laptop up to about 20-25 meters.

    If I perform the same test with my iPhone, I can only get about 10-12 meters. Testing with my wife's iPhone, I get the same results.