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I'm wondering if Apple has ever officially acknowledged the runaway PrintJobMgr as a known issue (wherein PrintJobMgr ties up 99% CPU for an already completed print job)?

The first time I ran across it was in 2004, then it happened again today. A quick search shows it occurring with all major printer brands, so it isn't a 3rd party issue.

After 6 years is anyone working to resolve this, or will we be force-quitting the PrintJobMgr for years to come?

(p.s. not trolling, I genuinely want to know if Apple is on this.)

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    I've never been aware of the problem nor have I been aware of actually having the problem. My guess is that Apple would be aware of the problem if it was at all widespread and would have dealt with it in an update.

    You say that it has happened with all major printer brands. This doesn't make it an Apple software problem necessarily. It is equally likely that it is some other 3rd-party software that is producing the issue.

    In response to your question I imagine that only developers & Apple software engineers will know about what is happening if anything.

    To get Apple's attention to this kind of issue you need to give them feedback through the 'Contact us' link at the bottom of this page.

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    Hi s,

    I've heard about this a few times, but I do not think it is very widespread. It could be cases where that software becomes corrupt, or there is a conflict in certain situations. In any case, it's always good to submit a report when the built-in reporter asks you, and/or, as Neville stated, give Apple feedback.

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    Done, thanks. If you search Macbook Pro PrintJobMgr you'll find a lot of people are/have been experiencing this bug. I'm running the latest update for 10.5.8 and a new Lexmark printer and I'm pretty shocked to see that it wasn't resolved.
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    shmeck wrote:
    Done, thanks.

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    The first step is always to go to the printer manufacturer's website and see if you have the latest update. Have you done that? What other steps have you taken?
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    Yes, I've got the latest updated of the printer driver. I've also removed any previous printers and canceled all print jobs. Aside from that I've just looked at how other people have resolved it, and the only answer I've found is to force quit PrintJobMgr. I had to do that twice, since the process automatically restarted itself once. Now I'm no longer experiencing the issue. Thanks, unless anyone has a known fix I'll just wait and see if it comes up again or if Apple responds.
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    ... 'm wondering if Apple has ever officially acknowledged the runaway PrintJobMgr ...

    Did you have it happen with an Apple printer?

    Probably not. Which means it is the software provided by the printer manufacturer that is probably the culprit.

    I do not expect Apple to have representatives working at each of the printers' software development offices. What one should do is research printers BEFORE purchasing - to see if they are causing any problems on Mac machines.

    I went through this problem a couple years ago - but the absolute LAST entity I would blame would be Apple for Lexmark's cruddy software/drivers.
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    Hi shmeck,

    I've encountered the issue before but it's probably been 3+ years since I've gotten a support call from a user experiencing this particular issue. That includes serving time as a Mac Genius, AppleCare Support representative and working at an AASP. I've seen *A LOT* of machines in the past 7 years and I can count on one hand how many were suffering from this issue. So while I absolutely acknowledge that the problem exists, I'm hard pressed to believe that the issue is OS X related. I think it if was then there'd be a lot more buzz on the forums about it (on a weekly/monthly basis).

    As other users have stated and from my own personal experience, the cases that I can recall it was always a 3rd party driver incompatibility, out-of-date or random hiccup. A process kill, restart or reinstall would resolve the issue, albeit sometimes only temporary until the issue resurfaced. But as with any 3rd party driver, those sort of "odd issues" inevitability happen.
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    Printing on Mac OS X has been as much an art as a science. Many have found better luck with open source drivers than those provided with the operating system. Apple does list some as compatible with the current operating system, however, newer drivers may always be developed that improve matters. It is always wise to check that you are both current in terms of open source drivers as well as Apple's own and they match up with your currently installed operating system. If something is 10.6.2 compatible, it is not necessarily 10.6.4 compatible. See my FAQ*:


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