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My Macbook pro won't read either my 32bit or 64bit windows xp discs for installation on bootcamp. The disc spins, makes a strange noise then ejects. It seems like this is a common problem. I have previously installed windows via bootcamp before and it worked fine. Normal cd's are read fine as well, just the windows discs won't read.

Any suggestions?


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    first: put your XP 64-bit CD as far away from your Mac as you can. Apples BootCamp does not support it

    Second: I assume corectly that these are Retail or SystemBuilder XP discs, not some Recovery CDs or manufacturere-branded ones, right ?

    Third: insert the 32-bit XP CD while in OSX and check with the Finder if it can be read there (checking for the 'usual' folders on it: i386, Support, etc and files: winip51.sp2 etc.).

    Fourth: some people round here have successfully used a 'standard' DVD/CD-cleaner disc with their Macs.

    Fifth: try making a 1:1-copy of your XP disc. You can use SimplyBurns in OSX for this.


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    Thanks for the reply I will try all of these and get back to this thread.

    Yes I'm using the retail version of windows, the only reason I even used the 64bit was to see if osx would read it.