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John Basso 1 Level 1 (0 points)
Hi ;
Just got a new iPhone 4.Everything works OK.except the iPhone calendar won't sync with the desktop calendar.
I did a complete restore on the iPhone.However that didn's solve the problem.
If anyone knows what could be the reason.I would be very grateful. John Basso.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
  • TelephoneMan Level 1 (5 points)
    Well John welcome to Apple's nightmare. This has been an issue since they brought out ios 4.0. The info on the computers iCal over writes the info on the iPhones calender. Apple needs to fix this bug ASAP.
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    I wish, My problem is thst ICal on my IMac is OK. When I sync thru ITunes and "force" to replace the agenda's on my IPhone 3GS (Latest software) it doesn't. I find suddenly a lot of mutiply entiries on certain days which are NOT in ICal. So this doesn't work!!!!!

    HOW DO WE SOLVE THIS????????????
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    Hi, This is me John Basso!

    Solved the problem my self tinkering at all hours in to the night. First get into iTunes.Then when your iPhone icon appears, Click on the icon and your summary window shows.
    Click on the next tab ,This is Info;Click info and on the second larger window You check the iCal sync
    square.This will solve the syncing problem.The other thing I should mention is that iTunes no longer syncs Contacts.This happens automatic when you plug in the phone. I sync Me, iCal, iPhone.
    Since the iPhone4 is a different kind of fish,It will take a bit of time to familiars your self with your new gadget,Here in Canada it is a lot harder to deal with the Phone Companies then the iPhone.
    Thanks a lot .Going back to learn a few more things.CIAO:John Basso.
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    Did you try turning off the MobileMe Calendar Beta?
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    PS In addition with the HD I lost everything in my Library, photos, etc..... -- by the way, the iPhone back-up does "not" save photos on the iPhone
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    Same problem different cause - HD Crash eliminated iCal information, recent iPhoto information....backups too old.

    Lost iCal information with sync - wiped out. Able to get back with phone support restoring original backup first time on new HD. Backup does not save recent photos.

    Sync will wipe it out again if not hypervigilant to cancel sync and make sure iCal sync box is not checked before syncing. iTunes does not seem to listen to what you save..."apply" before closing it. So here I am waiting for that Repair - DO NOT follow information from support on the Web Site on adding appointment to new iCal calendar before syncing as it does not work with the current version of iTunes 9.2.1 (5). Multiple calendars may be an issue also that needs to be dealt with.

    I want to know when this will be fixed.
  • TelephoneMan Level 1 (5 points)
    SUCCESS Upgraded to iTunes 10 and OS4.1 and calender sync back to normal. THANKS APPLE