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so, I am driving home last night, charging my I-Phone 4 via a Belkin I-Phone charger in my car, as I have every 2-3 days in the last month without a problem, when all of a sudden, at 63% charged, I get a bit YELLOW triangle on my i-Phone with the label "This is a non-supported rechargeable device". This flashed for a few times then my screen went black.

Unplugged, hit the Home key, swiped, ad back to my home screen.

Plugged in the charger again, went to 68% charged, and then, bingo with the Yellow triangle etc etc etc....


Any thoughts on what may be causing this suddenly?

Kind regards

HP, Windows 7
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    Try charging your iPhone to your computer or a wall outlet to make sure the battery will charge to 100%. If not, then it could be the battery is defective.

    Try resetting your iPhone.

    Tap Settings / General / Reset / Reset All Settings. All your preferences are reset, but no data or media is deleted.

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    Sorry, thanks, should have mentioned that. I got home last night and DID successfully fully recharge battery.

    When you say "all your preferences" are reset....what preferences...like whether I have Push activated or Location Services etc? Are my mail accounts settings left alone?

    Many thanks