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Hi there,

I just got my iPhone 4 16GB, from TELUS in Canada, and I keep getting this pop-up message about the SIM card has sent a text message. When I check for text messages there are none. And, I can't send or receive text messages.

Any ideas?



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  • neuroanatomist Level 7 (31,690 points)
    Have you tried calling TELUS?
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    not yet, wanted to see if this was an iPhone setting somewhere.
  • neuroanatomist Level 7 (31,690 points)
    Not AFAIK. You could try removing and re-inserting the SIM card, but else I'd give the carrier a call.
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    Some carriers offer a free contact backup service that backs up your contacts stored on the sim card. This SMS sends those contacts to be stored on the carriers servers in case you lose your sim or the sim gets corrupted. In your case, this won't work, as the iphone stores no data on the sim card. Contact your carrier & have them put an end to this.
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    Any such luck? I just picked up an iPhone 4 from TELUS and this is happening everytime I reboot the phone.
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    Telus is telling me that I have to contact Apple. They are throwing the ball at each other.
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    I too have the same problem. My new iPhone displays the message "your sim card has sent a SMS"... Telus says that it I let the message disappear by itself (without pressing Cancel), the thing should resolve by itself. But, no, it doesn't work.

    Apple assures me that the problem is related to the carrier and it's sim card. Probably a "bug" in my account that the carrier - telus - should check out. He says it's not a IOS bug or anything related to the iphone4 sending info to Apple, by the way. Nothing in the iPhone4 can have it send a SMS by itself.

    Only the user or the carrier can have a SIM card send a text message, nothing in the iPhone4 can have it send a text message by itself.

    So I'm calling back the carrier to have them check my account or have them change my sim card.
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    same thing happened to me when i got my phone 2 month ago, the sms are trigger, 1 sms is to send your imei to telus, the other one is a trigger to activate facetime.

    if your a long time customer from telus, you're probably still with a analogue account.

    what you have to do is to call telus, tell them to switch your account from AMPS to PCS. and you will be able to send sms.

    the sim card will send a sms to telus once, for the phone IMEI.
    and the sim card will send a sms to apple triggering facetime.(everytime you restore your phone, a trigger sms will be sent to apple for facetime activation.

    also, every trigger sms will cost you 0.15$ but you can call telus and they will refund thoses trigger sms without hassle
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    call your provider and cancel sim back up

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    I have same problem, n have same device iPhone 4 (16 GB) ,,

    same issue a pop up opens and got message that your SIM card has sent a text message, something like this,


    when i use to check my messages there is no new message sent or received.


    kindly, let me know if some would have some solution of this issue.

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    My iphone 3gs has just started doing this today, any info on how to stop it would be appreciated

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    The same problem appeared on my iphone (4), but only after I had saved lots of contacts on my sim card in order to transfer them on the iphone.


    So, what wjosten said seems to be right. The problem disappeared after I deleted all contacts from the sim card. In order to do so I had to use my old phone and delete each contact one by one.


    Hope this helps. Good luck