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I decided to restore my iPhone 3G back to its default settings and I backed up the phone. I restore it and it asks if I want to restore from a backup and I tell it no and to restore it as a new phone and I name the phone test (I've been working on a wifi issue), that way if it does a backup again after the restore then the two backups will be named differently and I'll know which to restore to when I'm done. Now my old backup and all my data is gone. Instead of restoring my old backup the only one that is available is the test backup. How and why was it deleted?

I'm annoyed but not mad, yet. I just got back on the first vacation I've had in twenty years and I took pictures of my vacation with my iPhone because I hadn't yet received my Droid X. I'm under the assumption all the previous data is as good as gone.

3G, Windows 7