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Just bought a 30G iPod video and it only accepts .mp4 video files. I have several videos in .mov format that I have created using iMovie. They are accepted by iTunes but don't appear in my iPod after an update. Supposedly the new iPod is compatible with .mov formats (?) As I said, I used iMovie to create my videos ("shared" them for Web posting) and have not used any 3rd party software. Can somebody please give me a hint on how to proceed? I tried converting the .mov files to .mp4, but the video quality suffers significantly.
Thanks in advance!

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    Do a search of Apple KB Docu in the Support area for iPod 5G/video and also here at the posts, there are tons of answers to your query.

    No the iPod video will not play .mov files, iTunes will play any format of QT movie as long as you have the necessary codecs stored in your mac. iPod will play 2 formats, the MP4 format and the H.264 format. See this link

    If you have QT Pro, you can use it to re-export your current movies to iPod-compatible/playable videos, inside QT Pro there is already additional pre-sets for you to choose.