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over the past few days the piece of rubber that covers the entire bottom of my macbook has started to come off. the small screws that hold it in place are still screwed into the proper place but the pad has started to come off the original screws.

i'm not sure what could be causing this. i haven't had any issues with overheating. there hasn't been any water/liquids near the device. I purchased apple care when i bought the laptop so i hope this will lead to an easy fix. i thought about trying to fix it on my own but seeing as the screws haven't come off there doesn't seem to be anything simple i could do.

Has anyone come across this before? My last two apple laptops had numerous issues (macbook and macbook air) and this model has been going strong besides this small issue. Is this a common issue? Does anybody know if the apple care protection plan will cover this? i'm sure these questions could easily be answered at an apple retail location but the closest one is over an hour drive so i figured i'd ask here first. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

p.s. i apologize if this has been discussed on the board already but i searched for a bit and didn't find anything relevant (possibly because i wasn't exactly sure what to search for lol).

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.4)