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I configured the sync Gmail on my iPhone, iPhone by following the standard procedure for this purpose (Exchange).
Everything is synchronized in two ways: calendar, contacts and emails.
But I have a problem with the contacts continue.

In fact, I spent much time on my register Iphone contacts as I wanted.
So I contact a company such as "Society" with phone number as a field with a label to include staff with the city.
This kind of allows me to have to plug up all the phone numbers of the company by location.
I found my good contacts on Gmail with a custom field (my city), but this field (and the associated telephone number) is not available on my Iphone in the group relevant to my Gmail account.
This problem is also true when I created a new contact on Gmail also a customizable field corresponding to the city.
Is this a limitation of the Iphone with Exchange?

Thank you all for your help on this problem where I have found no answer for 2 months.

iOS 4
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    Well since I don't use custom fields and all, I have had great success with gMail and syncing over the air.

    However, note, Google does NOT use Exchange. They are actually faking it just so it can work with the iPhone. The Sync for Google is still (as with most in Google) in Beta stages. Not all things translate 100%. For basic info things work great. Once you get to customized stuff...it is trial and error.