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My dad did something on our computer and now everything is HUGE, like a giant magnifying glass is hovering over our screen. The tool bar at the top is at least a half inch thick, all our icons are huge and the doc, when I scroll over it, turns huge too. Just typing this message is like I'm using 20pt font. Ugh, what a headache!

Having never adjusted the screen appearance size, I don't know how to fix this, tried looking, can't find. How to I make the display back to the original size?


iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    He might have inadvertently hit a keyboard shortcut for zoom: go to System Preferences -> Universal Access and see if Zoom is turned on. If so, turn it off and it should return to normal.

    If that's not it, there is another possibility: go to System Preferences -> Displays and click on Display. Check to see that the highlighted resolution is the last (highest) one; that is the native resolution; if you reduce it, everything becomes larger.
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    It is screen zoom, but you can unzoom by holding down the cntl key while you scroll down with the mouse or swipe down on the trackpad.

    Also, a simple restart should clear it up as well.

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    Thanks! Display worked!