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I've had my iPhone 3 loaded with iTunes 9 since end of May. The only OS I've ever been on is Windows 7, the only System I've used is Microsoft 2007 and the only Calendar I have ever used is Outlook 2003. The only email I've ever had on my phone is my Yahoo account so I do not sync email just calendars/contacts from Outlook.

About 4 days ago, out of the blue (no I havent changed anything) I started getting the error "iTunes could not sync calendars to the iPhone because the sync server failed to sync the iPhone". My phone still syncs everything else - just not my calendar.

I tried calling Apple Support but unlike some people, I did not get someone I trusted to help me. His final soluntion was to just help me delete my entire Outlook Calendar off my computer! I said no and hung up. My Outlook is not the problem obviously. It works beautifully...the problem lies with the iTunes Sync Server which I dont even know what that is and I dont know how to fix it. I have tried resetting my sync history too but that didnt work. According to the postings, reinstalling itunes and resetting the entire phone (which is not an option for me) none of that worked anyway! WHAT do we do? I cant live without my calendar!!!

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