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I have an iPod Classic 80gigabit from like 3 years ago, it has recently stopped working. Whenever i try to sync it to my computer, it appears in iTunes sometimes, when it does it says the ipod needs to be restored, i am post a link to a pic below. Windows asks me if i want to reformat it also. It is never able to. I got my friend who has a mac to try to reformat it in Snow Leopard. It would not work either. I do not care if i loose all my data, but is there a solution to this? i did all the instructions on the help page for Error 1415. And it is not like i am some rich little spoiled kid, i have to buy my own things, and would really really really love a solution to this. The warranty is long gone. here is the pic http://omploader.org/vNWV0OQ

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