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I am unable to send photos from the Camera Roll via email. When I select that option, an email message w/ the photo pops up and it lets me select a recipient, then when I send it, the screen goes back to the photo. When I go into the mail program, the message is sitting in the Outbox (sometimes it takes several minutes for it to appear there) and I have to go into the Outbox and manually send it from there. These seems awfully cumbersome. I've reset my network settings, reset my email settings, and done a complete restore on my iPhone to no avail. Anyone else have this specific problem?

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4, 16GB
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    So.... I guess NO ONE else has this problem then...?
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    I am having this same problem! After it happening again today I decided to log on and saw your post.

    Today I did a test. I have 3 gmail accounts and an Exchange account on my phone. When I try to send an email from the camera roll, it errors out no matter which account I choose...gmail or exchange (so I know the problem is not on the server side). Then, I go into the Mail App...select the message from the outbox and send again and it generally works fine. Very frustrating. Be interested to see if anyone has a fix or if it is addressed in 4.1...
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    Seeing the same issue here for some time now. Not sure when it started, but it was around the time I upgraded to iOS 4. The manual workaround most of the time works for me (i.e. sending manually from the Outbox). I updated to IOS 4.1 recently hoping it would be fixed but no.

    Now this morning, I tried an experiment. I had recently switched to using Exchange Gmail for my mail (was using IMAP Gmail before). So I switched back to IMAP Gmail today and tried to send a picture and lo and behold, it worked fine. So, it seems, at least for me, that there is bug using Exchange for email, at least with Gmail.

    I'll stay on IMAP Gmail for awhile and see if the issue continues to have been resolved.