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Hey so i have been trying to record a Dj set on my Mac Book Pro.
so i finally figured everything out bought the proper software hardware etc..
I change the setting from microphone to Line in as advised on many forums and nothing comes in. BUT when i do record, it records with the Microphone input even though i set it as line in. So i did a little detective work and found out that my Microphone input works fine, BUT my line in doesn't work at all. Also i dont know if this would affect it, the actual plug for the microphone seems looser than the speaker input

please let me know if anyone knows how to fix it i would really.. really appreciate it

- Nick

Macbook Pro 2007
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    when your using line in, the computer expects the input device to be phantom powered. So do you have a pre-amp or amp between your device and the computer?
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    Phantom power (which is when a microphone is powered along the same connection as the audio) doesn't come into this. The line in socket is for line level, as from the outputs from preamplifiers, mixers and so on, and is insufficiently sensitive for microphones. A microphone which runs on phantom power won't work (but will usually have an XLR - 3 pin - connector anyway).

    The only type of mic which can be connected directly to a Mac is a USB one.
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    funny, this happened to me today as well! i read that youre supposed to be able to change the setting of the audio port, but i didnt even get the option for 'line in'. hopefully someone will have a solution...
  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,139 points)
    The present 13 inch Macbook Pro has only one audio socket. This is switchable between input and output. In order to see the line in input you have to have it selected to input (selection menu at the bottom of both input and output panes of System Preferences>Sound), and have an analogue plug inserted in the socket. As stated above, this is for line level and won't work with microphones.

    The 15 and 17 inch Macbook Pros have separate input and output sockets and so with something plugged into the audio input you should see 'line in'.

    I don't know whether the previous models have the same arrangement.

    If you are still having problems please clarify exactly which model you are using, whether it has one or two sockets, and what exactly you are seeing in the Prefs pane.
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    not sure what the OP sees, but i get options of internal microphone, digi core audio device, soundflower 2 ch, soundflower 16ch...i never actually see 'line in' as an option. the digi core is the pro tools interface, soundflower is there so i can record system audio, but these never stopped 'line in' from being an option...
  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,139 points)
    I have the 13 inch Macbook Pro, so only one socket. If you switch it to be the input you see 'internal microphone' until you plug something into the socket, whereupon you get 'Line in'. This without any USB/Firewire inputs connected, of course. If you leave it set to output, then obviously microphone is the only option unless you plug a USB/Firewire interface in.
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    AHA! with nothing plugged in, the line in option appears at the top of the list. the problem for myself and probably the OP is that when we're DJing, we're using software and we must use a usb port. when THATS plugged in, theres no line in option. i wonder if i connect the line in first if it will stay once i connect the usb device...