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will this happen?

iPhone OS 3.1.3
  • Drum_Phil Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)
    No offense, but Hulu is an unauthorized AppleTV "hack".

    As such, this topic wouldn't be permitted on these forums.

    Your best bet would be to pose the question on a Hulu or Boxee forum.
  • Skip2be3 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Actually maybe this should have been posted in the new Apple TV forum. But my question is whether Hulu Plus which is available for $10 a month on the iPad, iPhone, etc. will be enabled on the new Apple TV. Yes I know paying to watch commercials is a crime, so no comment on that is necessary.
  • capaho Level 4 Level 4 (3,650 points)
    will this happen?

    No. The new ATV doesn't have a browser and won't be able to run apps, so it won't be possible to watch Hulu on an ATV.
  • capaho Level 4 Level 4 (3,650 points)
    ...Hulu is an unauthorized AppleTV "hack".

    There is no Hulu hack that I am aware of. Considering that the new ATV is different hardware running a different OS, existing hacks for the old ATV can't be installed on the new one.
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    Why do you need a 'browser' to run apps?

    My understanding is that the new Apple TV is running iOS, as such, native apps could easily (read - with minor modification) run on the platform.

    Keeping Apple TV a closed environment, makes no sense. Offering developers similar API access as other iOS devices is a no-brainer. Half of what makes the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch so great is the healthy open app/developer marketplace. This will help them compete with Internet connected TV's (and their badly implemented 'Apps').

    Also, if you think about the size of a iPhone or iPad screen in your hand, compared to a TV across the room, it's the same(ish) relative size. Or maybe I need a bigger TV. Anyway, touchscreen aside (why not offer the new touchpad to get over this?), it makes sense to open Apple TV to the app market place. Then, hulu et al would be able to be easily added.

    I have my fingers crossed.

    To get there, I think Apple should help solve the TV problem by first doing what it does best - solving the mess of boxes and contracts associated with most peoples TV/Media setup - and presenting things in a 'usable' and attractive way.

    Rather than try and make big bucks from TV show sales first - effectively strangling the product - by offering a 'solution' to people that want to cut the cord from the cable company, they would win massive loyalty and adoption. Then they'd be in a position to help us all by using the user-base leverage to negotiate with the networks and film industry.

    Now that would be magical.
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    I believe you are jumping to conclusions. Although the ATV does not have the ability to download apps or be hacked like the previous ATV, this does not mean that when allowed the permissions to do so, that Hulu and Apple will not work together to provide an OS update to the ATV to include a program for Hulu Plus subscribers to stream via the ATV.

    Proof of concept. My Blu-ray player offered, when first purchased, the ability to connect to Pandora and Netflix for streaming. To updates later, new built in software was included to also allow YouTube and Blockbuster streaming.

    In the end, it will come down to whether Hulu is willing to make such arrangements with Apple and whether Hulu can obtain the rights to allow streaming to hulu plus programing to the ATV. Whether Hulu can obtain such rights is important because certain platforms do not fit within the agreed terms and conditions for streaming the provided programing whether they are requirements by the network what provides the program or the studio which produces the program itself.
  • capaho Level 4 Level 4 (3,650 points)
    I believe you are jumping to conclusions.

    As in assuming that the new ATV will include Hulu Plus in the future? You are correct in that it could be done with a future software update, but who knows if or when that may happen?

    It's also worth noting that Hulu Plus does not stream at 720p in the iPad app, but it does in Safari on my Mac mini, so the current Hulu app would not be sufficient for the new ATV, assuming it will be able to run apps at some point in the future.
  • capaho Level 4 Level 4 (3,650 points)
    Why do you need a 'browser' to run apps?

    You didn't understand my comments correctly. You don't need a browser to run apps, but you do need either a Flash enabled browser, the iPhone/iPad Hulu Plus app, or a TV or media player with embedded software to watch Hulu Plus.
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    Will Hulu work with the new AirPlay though? Let's say that you start watching something on a MacBook or iPad and then just stream it to your AppleTV?
  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 Level 8 (46,760 points)
    As the new Apple TV hasn't been released, it's almost impossible to see. I will, however, do the experiment once mine arrives.
  • capaho Level 4 Level 4 (3,650 points)
    Will Hulu work with the new AirPlay though?

    No. AirPlay will be for sharing iTunes files, and Hulu is a streaming service that is not part of iTunes.
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    Only if Apple makes a deal with Hulu like they did with Netflix. Which is doubtful. They have a rough history with NBC and if Comcast succeeds in buying NBC, forget it. If that deal goes through, consumers will be hurt on all fronts.

    Oppose the Comcast/NBC Merger.
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    To answer the OP a different way, I think if its possible for Apple to make a deal to have Netflix, then Hulu is possible too... but I doubt it. As for AirPlay, I feel if Apple allows it, then anything can be streamed via AirPlay - if Hulu wanted to show on a TV that is.... which it seems it doesn't.
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    What does flash in a browser have anything to do with native support to play streaming content??!!? You need flash to play Netflix on a browser. Yet Apple TV, as well as other iDevices can play them because streaming functionality is provided by the software. If Apple were to strike a deal with Hulu, a firmware upgrade with internal support to play it's proprietary format using the Apple TV interface would be used. Or ... Is it your thinking that Apple TV plays Netflix movies in the background using browser and flash so the web page is hidden? That's not the way it works.
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