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I tried to reset my iphone3g with the option which will delete all the datas and medias from the settings of iphone.It said it would take one hour or so to complete but its more than three hours and my iphone wont start.it gets stucked in the apple logo after restarting and the circle of working appears continuously.What should i do? Any help

Hp dv-4 1435dx, Windows 7
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    I have exactly the same problem. Tried to reset my iPhone 3g, choosing the option to delete all the data and media, but now the phone is stuck on a screen with the apple symbol and the timer. It's as if this option actually removes the entire operating system. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    See if you can force the phone into recovery mode:

    Leave the USB cable connected to your computer, but NOT your phone, itunes running, press & hold the home button while connecting the USB cable to your dock connector, continue holding the home button until you see “Connect to iTunes” on the screen. You may now release the home button. iTunes should now display that it has detected your phone in recovery mode, if not quit and reopen iTunes. If you still don’t see the recovery message repeat these steps again. iTunes will give you the option to restore from a backup or set up as new. In your case, select"new".
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    thanks worked great !! great advise
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    This information saved me a lot of time and frustration. Thank you so much. Cheers
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    5 hours then i find u...............
    thank f**k
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    Hi Mate,
    I have the problem like urs.So could u recomment me to solve this problem? even I try to press and hold the same time of Home screen button and lock button but I can't operate my phone. It still stuke on the apple screen.
    Thank and best regard.
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    Same here except when enter recovery ,mode itunes tells me to restore and update i do but half an hour in the iphone turns off for some reason and i connect it back again in recovery mode but it tells me i have to download it again . how do i stop it from turning off its full battery still .