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*Hello everybody,*

*Since I'll be moving to Germany soon to study Medicine, I've created a new iTunes account which is the one I use regularly. I was wondering if there is a possible way to transfer paid apps from one account to another for the same iPhone, and if it's not possible what do you suggest so I can still use my paid apps with my new account.*

*Thank you*

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4
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    What you would do is on computer authorize other account for that computer. So you computer is authorized to play both accounts. Then you can sync apps from both accounts to your phone using the same computer as before.

    My wife and I both have our own accounts and each of our instances of iTunes have authorized each others accounts for that computer. So I can sync her apps and she can sync mine. Just becomes a pain when you update an app via the cell phone when updates come out as trying to do all at once usually fails if the apps for updating are for each account. So have to do one at a time or just have them update via iTunes and sync.