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I have a MacBook Pro and an iMac with Mac OS X 10.6.4 on both computers. In addition, I updated both computers to iTunes version 10 this morning.

The issue I am facing is that every time I try to import CDs (original ones) into iTunes, both computers start to behave really strange. But let me describe this in more depth:

- I insert the CD
- Snow Leopard recognizes the CD and shows it in the Finder
- iTunes opens
- Behavior 1: iTunes starts going crazy. It shows the CD for a few seconds and then starts to jump between the CD and the Music section, constantly (like, at least, 5 times a second or so). In addition, iTunes won't react to any input, anymore. This goes on for 20 seconds or so and suddenly the CD is gone in iTunes. The Finder won't show the CD, too, although it is still in the DVD drive.
- Behavior 2: The behavior is more or less the same despite the fact that iTunes and the Finder won't unmount the CD. Instead iTunes keeps jumping between the CD and the music section. Furthermore, the Finder shows not only one but three CDs from which two are greyed out, and the CD icon is jumping all over the background image of the Finder. In this case, it only helps to reboot the computer (a restart of the Finder does not help) to get the two CDs unmounted.

Unfortunately, both behaviors do appear on both computers. Might that be a software bug or am I doing anything wrong? It is certain that both computers were able to import CD before version 10 of iTunes, and it is also certain that both CDs can be imported to iTunes (I did that years ago). But I need the songs in a different format, and so I have to do it again. Sadly, it does not work anymore. Does anyone know an answer to this or can help in any way?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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