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The button on the trackpad of my white MacBook wont click anymore. I seems be be jammed. I did a search here and read about swollen batteries, so I pulled the battery. That fixed the problem. I followed a link from that thread to OWC to order a new battery.

I'm not sure if I have a question. I want to thank the people who posted help in the past that helped me. Also, if anybody has any more suggestions, I would appreciate it.

Even though my MacBook is two years old, I've only used it about 50 hours, so it would be nice if Apple recognized their responsibility to help compensate for this defect, but I'm not holding my breath.

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    Unfortunately, unless you purchased AppleCare, the MacBook's faulty trackpad will probably have to stay that way, unless you appoint a genius to look into your problem, they can probably unjam it, but if that doesn't work, you can:

    A- stick to tapping the trackpad, or

    B- Getting a new Mac.

    Of course A is the simpler (and cheaper ) option, but if you are very used to clicking, then you should consider a new mac.

    But that is your choice!

    Hope this helps,


    PS- Too bad apple doesn't care if we only use our MacBooks for 50 hrs in 2 years...
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    I ordered a new battery from OWC for $99. That should fix the problem. The button works fine when I remove the battery. It seems that the battery got swollen and pushed up on the bottom of the button, jamming it. That seems to be a fairly common problem judging by the posts I've seen here.