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  • Steve Dorsey Level 4 (1,170 points)
    Call them. 1-800-275-2273. They will ask for your serial number.
  • Steve Dorsey Level 4 (1,170 points)
    The following workaround fixes my problem temporarily (Thanks to the person who posted the solution earlier).

    1) Open System Prefs and go to "Desktop & Screen Saver"

    2) Click "Screen Saver" tab

    3) Click "Hot Corners" button

    4) Assign a corner to "Put Display to Sleep"

    5) Press "OK"

    This will shut the screen off and then back on when the mouse moves again. This fixes the issue on my system just like turning the power off, but without the hit to the screen (I hope).
  • cuellar Level 1 (0 points)
    I can confirm that the "hot corner workaround" works for me. I've only experimented the analog snow noise at start up. Just a few minutes ago I had it again and the hot corner saved me a switch off-on.

    There is also a new post about this issue here: tml
  • scott williams Level 1 (0 points)
    Hey there,

    There seem to be problems with this model i have had two DOA's.

    Ram problems.

    see my other post
  • BoyHowdyDoo Level 2 (380 points)
    What do you mean by "this model"? The whole Mac or just the 5870? Cause mine is fine (In Windoze)
  • davelanger Level 1 (0 points)
    I just got a New Mac Pro (quad core) with 5870 graphics card (8 Gigs of RAM) and the first time I booted it up the screen went all static, the back to normal then static, then black. So I unplugged the monitor (apple 20 inch display) and plugged it back in again. I used it for a few hours, putting it to sleep and rebooting (for software updates), and it did not seem to happen again.
  • Steve Dorsey Level 4 (1,170 points)
    This seems to be a reoccurring issue with that card and configuration.

    I am currently working with Apple on a fix. Stay tuned (it may be a while). Check out the workaround that is mentioned in this support thread for a temporary fix.
  • Steve Dorsey Level 4 (1,170 points)
    Okay - here's the latest...

    I replaced the card on the Mac per Apple's request (they sent me a new one) and it had no effect. So they escalated me to engineering support (whatever that's called) and they started really throwing tests at me and scanning my system for stuff.

    They came up with nothing, but suspected that it was a driver issue. They emailed me an app called "" to capture my screen settings and I sent them back the results. Lastly, they asked me to take a screen capture of the screen WHILE the problem is occurring.

    The screen capture was taken WHILE there was static on the screen. The capture showed a clean, perfect picture with no static or blemishes of any kind. This almost grantees it's an issue with the way the computer talks to the monitor.

    They told me that, since it's a fairly small number of users with this issue (only people with this video card and my brand of 30" Dell display), that they would not be running out to extinguish the fire anytime soon, but that this is definitely on their radar and they will build a fix into a future updated video driver. They had no ETA on a release for said driver.

    They were thrilled to hear about the hot corner "Sleep Display" workaround, so thanks to whoever came up with that one.

    For now, we are waiting for a fix. But at least they know about it, so it will happen faster this way.
  • cuellar Level 1 (0 points)
    ok, but I have the same problem and my monitor isn't a Dell. It is an EIZO SX2461.
    I think there is also others with this problem and any monitor brand.

    For sure this is a very tricky driver issue: it has happened to me just 3 times in 4 weeks, it is completely ramdom and I have no idea how can I set up everything for experimenting it again. There is only a pattern: it happens always at power on.

    I am overall happy with my new Mac but they MUST fix this driver issue. We have paid a lot of money for our computers.
  • Steel Dragon Level 1 (30 points)
    +this Mac with this video card is considered to be the best platform for running Maya 2011 x64.+

    what machine were you running before with maya? i'm wondering how the 5870 does with maya 2011 as well, and if your blown away with how fast your 12-core workstation is rendering compared to an 8 core mac pro.

    i'm considering the same setup you have for maya 2011, but i'm hesitant because maya 2011 isn't necessarily qualified to run on os x 10.6.4, and also isn't optimized for a 12 processor workstations, although it will see and use them. i've been told this by autodesk technical support and engineers in phone conversations a few weeks ago.
  • Steve Dorsey Level 4 (1,170 points)

    Since Maya is available for OS X, and since Apple's Quadro driver support is a horrible joke, it looks like this Radeon is the best option.

    The people on the Maya boards are telling me that the 5870 is the best option for Maya 2011. And I saw no compatibility or redraw issues on the Maya tech docs. So I think it's smooth sailing with this hardware setup.

    I have tested a few frames using this new Mac, and they render FAST. I have not yet tested it under a heavy workload.

    My old configuration was a 2.98GHZ 8-core Xeon workstation running Vista64. It had 8GB RAM and a Quadro FX 5600. It was great, but this is faster. I also get to use OS X, which I am MUCH more productive in. Windows is fine, I guess, but it seems to work against me with I need to troubleshoot or perform simple tasks.OS X is fluid and clean.

    I'm happy with the purchase. It was VERY expensive, but I think it was the right thing to do.

  • Steve Dorsey Level 4 (1,170 points)
    You DO have a PC.

    Install Windows 7 on your Mac, and quit your b!tching.
  • Nubero Level 1 (15 points)
    Same Problem here with the 5870 in a 2010 mac Pro. The Screen is a NEC PA271W.
  • Bryan Reid Level 1 (25 points)
    Actually it is not exclusively tied to the ATI nor the new Mac Pros. I currently have a 2009 Quad as stated in my profile. It does not happen during startup for me, but it occurs when the computer comes out of sleep. I can get rid of the static by clicking the source button on my monitor, and it will work fine when it finishes the scan and ends up on the Digital interface.
  • I am N8 Level 1 (15 points)
    I might as well chime in as I am having a problem as well, although it does not follow the same situation as everyone else here.

    I have a 2008 Mac pro (3,1) and I upgraded to the 5770 a couple months ago. After that I noticed that I get weird red and blue static when I have videos playing in full screen. That is pretty much the only time it happens. I thought that it had to do with the Pro App update that came out awhile back since it started right after that update, but I am not 100% sure if that is true or not.

    Anyway, here is a link to a video that I made with the video all screwy.

    I forgot to add that I am using the 30" Apple Cinema Display.

    I'll be giving Apple a call tomorrow to see what they will/can do.

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