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currently, I have a couple of different individual albums split into different albums.

examples: one track of Desertshore by Nico (which has only one disc) "belongs" to a different album, according to iTunes. (it also has a slightly different automatically retrieved album cover.) similarly, +The Madcap Laughs+ (which also has just one disc) by Syd Barrett has gotten split up into two albums. (again, with slightly different album covers.) other albums have the same problem.

I have tried going to Get Data and methodically making sure that the data matches and it still doesn't work. I have tried deleting all the info about individual tracks and still iTunes remembers the metadata. maddening! what can I do about this?

note that I have tried using iTunes 10's feature where you can edit all information in an album at once. a good feature, but it can't merge albums. manually dragging and dropping in and out of folders also does help, of course.

2.4 GHZ MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.4), using iTunes 10
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