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I just got my first MacBook. I need help with downloading all the music off my iPod. I think because I moved from a Dell running Window's Vista some of my music is coded in a way that the Mac doesn't understand...like a .CDA file. Can anyone assist me? I'd hate to loose any music. So far this is frustrating and I'm not liking my new Macbook.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    If you have a high capacity iPod, you might be able to do it this way: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1329

    If you don't have much space left on your iPod, the easiest way is way is probably to move your iTunes library directly from the PC to the Mac over a network, rather then using the iPod as an intermediary. See here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2291
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    In addition to Kiraly's suggestions you can get great information and help over in the iTunes forums and the iPod forums.
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    I'm going to give those suggestions a try...I have space on my iPod, fingers crossed. I'll let you know if I need further assistance with the music download.

    I have one more question. I was trying to open some movies I had on my external hard drive, quicktime won't open them. The files are .AVI and .WMV. I'm not sure if the quicktime that was loaded on the Mac is useful or do I need to download quicktime 7? I can't seem to open quicktime like I've done Windows Media Player in the past...any suggestions?
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    Quicktime cannot play some AVI without the free Perian component. Quicktime also cannot play WMV without the free WMV Components for Quicktime. Both components install their respective prefpanes in System Preferences (at the bottom).
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    I just downloaded Perian and nothing changed...I'm downloading the WM Component now to see if I can see my movies. Thank you very much.
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    Your AVI files that won't play probably use the WMV codec within the AVI wrapper, so you'd need to wait until you install the Flip4Mac component. Otherwise, if you still can't play your AVI files, you might just have to resort to using 3rd-party software, like the free VLC Media Player. VLC also plays RealMedia .rm files if you have those.
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    Sweet, this is the one thing I've been able to get to work since I took my MacBook out of the box...this is awesome! Thank you, I can see my movies. Now if I could only get all of my music to come over from my external hard drive from my Dell to my Mac.
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    If your music is on an external hard drive, why don't you just plug in the hard drive into your Mac? You can have iTunes play from that existing iTunes library. Hold down Option/Alt when clicking the iTunes.app icon; you'll get a dialog asking you to choose a library; select the iTunes library on your external drive; iTunes will use that library as long as the drive remains connected to your Mac.