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drewskie Level 1 Level 1
I successfully downloaded and installed iTunes, but when I click on it, it says that I have to upgrade to Apple Application Support 1.3.2 And I don't know how. Help me pleassssee?

Windows XP, Windows XP
  • b noir Level 9 Level 9
    Let's first try the following document:

    Removing and Reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows XP

    If you get an error message on any of the uninstalls or reinstalls, post back to let us know what it says. (Precise text, please.)

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  • DoOrDie231 Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having the same problem, the error message is as follows:

    Apple Application Support version 1.3.1 is installed, iTunes requires Apple Application Support version 1.3.2 or later.

    Please uninstall iTunes, then install iTunes again.

    Ive tried uninstalling it and installing it again, but i keep getting the same error message everytime.
  • bs800250 Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem here on monday 6 september 2010:

    Une version plus récente de'Apple Application Support est requise

    Apple Application Support 1.3.1 est installé alors qu'iTunes requiert Apple Application support 1.3.2 ou ultérieure.

    Désinstallez, puis réinstallez iTunes.

    I've tried everything but at no avail. I had a clean reïnstall of my Win XP system just the day before. I'm running Agnitum Outpost Pro as a firewall, Norton Antivirus and Norton Utilities.. (all recent versions) and my Win XP operating system is completely updated.

    Help asked..


  • Edward J-M-A Level 1 Level 1
    7 september 2010

    For some reason (Firewall / Internet security programs?) the Apple iTunes installation program doesn't install all the necessary components.

    This solution seemed to work:

    1) Download the iTunes installation program (directly from the Apple website
    http://www.apple.com )to your desktop,
    WITHOUT INSTALLING the iTunes application.

    2) Desactivate (or uninstall is desactivation isn't possible) your security
    application programs.

    3) Install iTunes from the downloaded program on your desktop.

    4) Reactivate (or reinstall if uninstalled) your security application programs.

    If this doesn't work out, there is a way to manually unpack the installation program to it's 6 different components and install each component one by one.
    (Advantage: you don't need to uninstall or deactivate your security programs)

    Best thing to do is:

    1) Download the iTunes installation program (directly from the Apple website
    http://www.apple.com )to your desktop,
    WITHOUT INSTALLING the iTunes application.

    2) Download he WinRAR decompression/unpack utility (for example from:

    http://download.cnet.com/WinRAR-32-bit/3000-2250_4-10007677.html?tag=recommended Downloads )

    and install it on your desktop for easy use.

    3) Unpack the iTunes installation program, using WinRAR by rightclicking the
    iTunes installation program and choose 'Open with WinRAR'.
    Don't bother with the message from WinRAR about files beïng corrupt
    (these are probably the unreadable 'Apple Mac' files).

    4) You'l see that the original iTunes installation program consists of 6
    different installation programs.

    4 utility programs (necessary for iTunes to work correctly)

    - Apple Application Support (Version: 1.3.2)
    - Apple Software Update (Version:
    - Apple Mobile Device Support (Version:
    - Bonjour (Version:

    and 2 main programs

    - Quicktime
    - iTunes

    Copy these 6 programs to your desktop with WinRAR,
    where they will appear unpacked.

    5) Install each program one by one IN CORRECT ORDER:

    - First the 4 utility programs, one by one.
    - Following this, install QuickTime.
    - Install iTunes as last.

    6) Check the Windows installed programs list to see if they're all installed.
    You can check the versions of te programs by clicking the information toolbar
    for each program.

    Good Luck..!