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My iphone doesn't show up in itunes but when I know it made the connection to the computer because when I connect it, the picture downloader pops up. I reset the iphone downloaded the latest version of itunes. What's next?

dell inspiron 6000, Windows XP
  • MARK IVANOWSKI1 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    I have tried all suggestions and still can't Itunes see my Iphone.
    All that happened after installing the new Itunes (10.)
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    Go to add remove programs remove all apple programs and Itunes. Reinstall Itunes connect USB and the IPhone should be there.It worked for me after trying all other suggestions.Good luck.
    Flying Chip
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    I have the same problem. I have a Windows XP, which sync'd fine until I went to 4.1, then it freezed with the "insert usb to itunes" graphic on the Iphone. Applecare could not fix it and sent me another phone. Even though the new phone is seen in XP, it is not seen in ITunes. I did get it to sync on my G5, but that is not where my contacts are kept.

    I did all the recommendations, including deleting and installing a new Itunes, turning off all services, except Ipod in msconig, disconnecting all usb devices, rebooting (on/off-home) 3-4 times; everything. Still will not come up in Itunres
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    Did you solve this problem? I have the same issue ... exactly as you've described it. Tried everything suggested and still iTunes will not recognize my (replacement) iPhone. Very frustrating as I have worked on this all day.