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I am a recent convert to mac. I have just purchased an iMac and elagato tv tuner. I am planning to use the iMac as a second television. Can I use the apple TV on the iMac? Please excuse my ignorance if this is a silly or confusing question. Any help would be most appreciated.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    The answer is yes, but I am not sure why you want to do it. Normally your media files would be stored on the iMac and streamed to the ATV in another location but if you want to use it in the same location the ATV is irrelevant. You can either play music and videos from iTunes, or if you want an ATV like menu, use Front Row which does just that. I use Front Row on my iMac, and have two remote ATVs in other locations.
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    Welcome to the  Discussion Forums.

    The combination of the tv, imac and eyeTV is something I find very useful, although I have a Mac Pro in place of the iMac.

    EyeTV records my tv shows automatically according to my settings and automatically adds them to iTunes on my Mac Pro, once this occurs any of the tv's in the household can then view those recorded shows/movies.

    You may not be thinking of more than one tv, but I have five and the set up as described means that the shows are recorded once and instantly available everywhere, it's significantly preferable to having a DVR under each TV in the house.