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Ben Snodgrass Level 1 Level 1
I purchased (not rented) some movies on my Apple TV and also on my MacBook Pro. I've just realised that my Apple TV only shows the purchased movies from my lappy not the ones from the box itself. Just wondering if anyone knows how I can retrieve these or have i wasted my money? Cheers

MacBook Pro
  • EarlJ923 Level 1 Level 1
    I am having the same problem. I purchasd movies and season passes for tv shows. All are now missing.
  • sydneyphil Level 1 Level 1
    Hi there

    I've purchased a whole season - 9 episodes in total, and oddly 7 have disappeared while 2 remain visible on both the (original hard drive version) Apple TV and the MacBook Pro.

    I will note that the Apple TV did not synching properly with recent purchases - I'd hope to watch a couple of episodes while travelling with the laptop, but because the Apple TV did not synch correctly, I was unable to do so. When I returned from my travels I realised 7 episodes had mysteriously disappeared from both Apple TV and the laptop.

    I've done a spotlight search and checked for all m4v files on the hard drive - nothing (other than the two I already knew about) and certainly nothing in the trash.

    I religiously back up with Time Machine but because the synch hadn't happened I've not been able to retrieve the files as they were never on the MacBook Pro to be backed up.

    Clearly Apple have my complete purchase history, so unless I'm doing something strange, or I'm missing something obvious, I would have thought they can simply allow me to download them again.

    Very frustrating and keen to get this resolved ASAP as clearly when you purchase something you hope it stays on both your Apple TV and your computer - not vanish from both, as has been my experience.

    By the way I'm in Australia if that makes any difference.

  • unkn0wnvariable Level 1 Level 1
    Report the issue through the iTunes Store - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1933