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Since updating itunes I continually receive the message "iTunes could not back up the iPhone 'phone' because the backup could not be saved on the computer." The help section online suggest deleting all previous backups and after doing that it's still unable to create a new backup for it. I also tried using my laptop to create a backup and still no luck. I'm unable to update my phone os since a backup can't be created and I'm running out of ideas on how to fix the problem. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled itunes, and still, the same the problem occurs.

Wiping my phone is an option but since I have no backup for my iphone I'm worried I'll lose all the music and applications I've paid for and downloaded.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas?

Iphone 4, iOS 4
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    Use File>Transfer Purchases in iTunes to get the paid music and applications off the phone. (Applications can be re-downloaded for free anyhow; music cannot)

    There's a section in this article that tells you what's saved in a backup:
    And should help you figure out what you want to grab manually, or what is already covered by sync, duplicated from your computer, etc.

    There are some third-party utilities--use at own risk, not supported by Apple--that pull stuff off the phone, if necessary---google PhoneView, TouchCopy.