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Can somebody tell me why the "Creating/Making Backup" is taking sooooo long?
Have an Ipad 64Gb and only have 20 Gb in use.
it's doing a backup now for 3 hours, and not even halfway.
I do have a 9 Gb file on there that is from a Comicreader. so I guess that why it takes longer, but over 3 hours is just insane.

I know I can turn the backup thing off (with 3rd party tool)
but I'm afraid once i am doing a firmware upgrade, that I am loosing my files one it.

Ipad 64Gb Win7 64bits, Windows 7
  • pka4916 Level 1 (0 points)
    nm. found a huge thread...

    seems to have something in common.

    it's al about programs, that are readers, and you can put files into it.
    I have 9 Gb of cartoons, if I delete the whole thing, then it's fine.

    But still can't do normal backups, since it's slow as ****
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    I also have the same problem. I have only 4 GB of data. My backup took more than 10 hours and not yet at 25%. I aborted. Tried again and after 5 hours was still below 25%. Any help?

    I want to upgrade iPad software, but can't get rid of this damm backup first.
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    Same problem, have barely any more data than I used to but now with the new iTunes ping it just won't stop the backing up process.. Have also found that now I can't sync songs to my iPad either.. Obviously a very frustrating problem..
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    I have the same issue. Could we not synchronize without backup?
  • Lowell Tuttman Level 4 (1,350 points)
    Quick question for the slow backup--are you all using the cable that came with your ipad, or are you using old ipod connectors. Mine is still slow, but not as deadly slow as with an older cable. I am also looking at usb hubs as a problem. It is strange, though.....
  • Graham Outterside Level 4 (2,910 points)
    Yes, just carefully click the cross next to the backup bar once, and it will move on to sync, and at the end will remind you that it didn't do a backup.
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    I to was having major trouble trying to get ipad to backup it was going on for hours with no end in sight. What i did was delete most of my ipad magazine apps eg T3, flip, zingo ect then rebooted the ipad then deleted the ipad backup file found in itunes ≥preferences ≥ devices then synced and backed up as normal it worked for me hope it helps
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    Search for "back off" on google. Install back off and when you start th app on the computer u r running iTunes you can tell it not to back up your devices automatically. Works great i was having the same problem with lengthy syncs. Dont forget to back up once a week or so or u will regret it.
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    I too have this problem. In the past, I have clicked past the backup part of the syncing process, and it seemed okay to do that. However, now I want to upgrade to 4.2, and tried using BackOff, but no go. It seems I HAVE to do the backup. I do not have high-speed internet access available at home (live in a rural area with large population of Amish/Mennonites). My question is that now that I have spent hours making sure my iMac is updated and downloading the 4.2 upgrade, can I shut it down, take the computer and iPad home, and run the backup all night if necessary, and will the 4.2 upgrade then install without my being online to finish the process? Or is there another solution to this?
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    I've also been having the same problem. It just began within the last day or so, and before that it was working fine even with my various PDF readers (eg, GoodReader, PDF Expert) and magazine apps (Project, Zinio) installed. I have loaded a couple of sizable apps in the last day or so (eg, omnigraffle) but i've loaded larger apps before without affecting sync/backup times so drastically. Very puzzling.

    Has anyone actually spoken to AppleCare about this?

    I'm a backup junkie because of problems I've encountered in past mishaps, and not being able to backup gives me a case of figurative neurotic hives!
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    An update: I took my iMac home and tried to do the update/backup without being online. However, I was not able to do it. I finally used my cell phone and its bluetooth capability to connect to the internet. The actual backup part of the process took less than 2 hours, and then I was able to update the OS for the iPad. I probably took about 3.5 hours in all to get it done. I have heard that in the future the backup will take much less time, but I do not know as yet.