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I got a 1G Ipod Touch, and when the battery life dropped to zero yesterday, It won't charge anymore. And it isn't the charger, because someone is charging his Iphone with the same charger.

So when I plug it in, it shows the Apple sign, then I wait for a long time, and then the screen goes to black again, I turn it on, it shows the Apple signs and etc.

Could someone help me?

Thanks in Advance

Ipod Touch 1G
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    I'm seeing more and more of this question. This is what happened to my ipod touch 1g. I would plug it in, say at 50% and it would show the "plug" icon saying its charged even though it wasn't. Because of this, it would never charge. Thats whats happening to your ipod. When you plug it in, it "thinks" that its fully charged, so it stops charging, therefore making your ipod turn off. It happened to me about 6 months ago, and nobody knew what I was talking about since the problem had never came up. I brought it into an apple store and they had no idea what the problem was either, but since I was out of warranty, they couldn't do anything unless I wanted to pay around $90. I still have mine and I'm just going to use it for apples recycling program and get a 10% discount towards a 32gb ipod touch 4g.

    It would be really nice if there was some kind of recall or something for this issue. I know in the past, I had a 1g nano and I was sent a notice from apple that that generation of the nanos scratched really easily and that they were giving everyone who owned the nano $25 cash back which was pretty nice.

    So unfortunately, I think your touch is dead D: