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Harry Teasley Level 1 Level 1
I went on a trip recently, with my iPad as the sole computer for the trip, which worked surprisingly well. I ordered looong ahead of time, and received, the Camera Connection Kit for it, and used that to empty some SD cards during the trip.

And now, wow, do I regret that. With 20GB of photos on there, they synced to Lightroom just fine, but deleting them off my iPad was a chore. Having to tap every single photo to select them for deletion was just absurd.

There needs to be a way to multi-select photos: like, say, utilizing multitouch to touch two photos at once to select all the ones in-between. Or making the photos that are on the iPad accessible via iTunes. Currently, photos do not show up in the lefthand list, and the only management of photos is of those photos that are synced with iPhoto/Aperture. As far as iTunes is concerned, I had 20GB of photos that it had no way to access.

It's not even funny. There should be a fix for this, otherwise the Camera Connection Kit is mostly a joke.

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