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I have just started using itunes home sharing (in itunes 10) and can only view my main computers music, or movies, as a list. Is there a way to view them in another way, such as album/artwork without importing them all into my laptop for example. I have 1100 albums and it would not be worth importing all my tracks to another machine.

Mac 24, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Dennis_S wrote:
    Is there a way to view them in another way

    there is currently no way i know of.


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    I have experienced exactly the same frustration when setting up my wifes iPad and iTunes.


    Even if I copy the files from the shared library to the home library I still can't get the album art work!?

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    I KNOW!!!! I'm pretty sure I can't talk about apples i****d can I?

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    I was not experiencing this until a few updates ago (I think it was 4.3?).  Anyway, yes, it's frustrating to try to find a movie on my iPad when a very large portion of the cover art spontaneously mis-align's with the movie it's attached to.


    I've searched a lot, and the best piece of advice I found was to exit iTunes, find the iTunes Library index file and delete it.  It's located (for Windows users) under c:\users\(your user name)\My Music\iTunes.  iTunes Library.itl.

    However, this is not the best way I've found.  This wipes out your entire library index (both music and movie) which you'll have to recreate.


    I did find however, that if you delete all the movies out of iTunes (opting to keep the files of course), exit iTunes, re-open iTunes and re-import from your Movies folder, it does the same thing and seems to reset the box art that goes with the movies.  This way I don't have to recreate my music library, or set up Home Sharing again.


    I'm finding I have to do this after ripping and importing every 2 to 5 of my movies.  My goal is to make them all available to me through iTunes to port to iPad, iPhone and AppleTV.  Makes it ever so easy to watch movies for the entire family.  Currently at 292 movies and I'm only in the H's.