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I have an ipod touch and i love it! I've been thinking of building a new desktop and running linux as an os. Is there an itunes for linux? Once completed, that would be where i would want my itunes library instead of on the laptop i'm using now with win7. I just like linux better than windows, but need windows for the itunes. Kinda like being held hostage...LOL

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    Dethanjl wrote:
    Is there an itunes for linux?



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    You can try using WINE to run it on Linux.
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    I just bought an Iphone 4. It doesn't run from start. The Iphone 4 needs Itunes to get started. I have Linux at home. Itunes does not yet run under linux. At work I have windows XP, but Company Firewall blocks the itunes store port. For whatever reason. So I had to bring a windows pc at home only to active the iphone. In total one day only to start using a phone. Compare to landline: pick up and call.
    Old phones 1 second, Iphone 1 day. Appel this is turn back the wheel of technologytime. Please make Itunes aviable under Linux. (or stop the useless activation)
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    Please make Itunes aviable under Linux.


    though unless and until Linux significantly increases marketshare on workstations, it's not likely.

    or stop the useless activation

    Not going to happen. An iPhone can be activated at most iPhone dealers, though.
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    as you are running OSX you are running a unix-clone, just like Linux!

    It should be a lot easier to port iTunes from OSX to Linux than it is to port it to Windows. In addition it is a cleaner way of programming than Windows-dll-files, Apple has the possibility of control over the whole program that uses the Linux-kernel and could supply the program as a binary-file (even though many with in the linux-community do not like that very much, some other hardware supplyers do so.) Users will like that very much.

    So the unwillingness of Apple is probably a way of tying to keep people from switching to Linux (also from Apple's OSX). This is the most anoying thing about Apple other wise I would by more Apple products. Only to reduce the Windows-dominance in everything that runs digitally.

    But the windows programs and system-files that apple produce do not work all the time either. I can not get the "Apple Mobile Device"-service to start on my 2 year old Dell running Windows Vista. It only crashes when trying to start. So I can not start or use my daughters new iPod, that she needs as she is a special needs child and some programs for her routines ar apps for iPod. I am frustrated.

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