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Why can my ipad not get an internet connection in a public wifi area , even though the wifi signal is strong and other users are on- line ok. I get the message"connection to the server imap.aol.com failed"

ipad, Mac OS X (10.0.x)
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    If you can't connect to anything at all, reset the network settings and restart the iPad
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    Nick, Thanks but how come it connects to internet in UK, but this problem is only in Spain. Now that I am home in UK the internet connection works fine?
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    Hello- can you please share how you fixed it...I'm having the very same problem as you described.


    Thank you!


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    zen bum,

    I suggest that you start a new discussion with your question. You are more likely to get up to date answers that way.


    Is this you home Wi-Fi? Or all Wi-Fi networks? If only at home then reboot your router by powering off for thirty seconds then turn it back on.

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    Thanks for your reply Ralph. Truth is I'm trying to set up a new iPhone and get a message saying there is no internet connection on my Wi-Fi signal, which is really an odd error message.


    I tried to delete this comment from this thread, but couldn't see how to do that! Nothing is working for me today.


    Thanks anyway.


    Oh and I tried re-booting the router twice.