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I am using bluetooth headset to communicate on Skype. Whenever somebody's calling me, I turn my headset on and it will automatically connect to my MacBook. Every time, however, it will also automatically start iTunes and begins to play. I don't want this behavior, since instead of listening to music I would actually want to talk on Skype. How can I change this?

Possible explanation to this could be that headphones may send "Play" button message to the computer once connected, since this is same button that is used to turn them on/off. I am not sure however, if they actually do send this button. But in case they do, how can I disable iTunes startup on Play button? Is there are an official way to do it or should I really go with something like this: ow-leopard/39390#39390.

MacBook Pro 6.2, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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