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Over the past few weeks, I've noticed that new podcast episodes are not downloading automatically when they are available. They'll show up in the list grayed out with a Get button. Clicking it will download it as will unsubscribing and resubscribing but the next episode doesn't download.

Currently using iTunes 10 but the problem started before the upgrade. Before this problem, podcasts were getting hung up during the download. This happened for a week and suddenly all was ok (until I noticed they new ones weren't showing up.)

Podcast settings check for new episodes every hour. In iTunes 10, the Use Default Settings check box is checked but I don't know where to edit or view those Default settings. Thanks in advance for your advice.

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    Well, I feel a little stupid but also feel there's a bit of a design goof here. My podcast defaults were set to "Do nothing" when new episodes arrived. All of my podcasts were set to follow the default settings. Instructions said to access the settings by clicking on podcasts in the source list. To me, this is not intuitive since when you have the podcast source list highlighted, the settings button is at the bottom of the screen next to the unsubscribe button. Click settings and you'll see the settings for the currently highlighted podcast. What isn't obvious is that the drop down list showing the podcast also includes an entry for Podcast Defaults but you need to scroll all the way to the top of the list to find it. I did, changed the default, and now I'm catching up on missed podcasts.

    Hope this helps someone else.
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    I was hoping to find an answer here, but it seems you've already fixed your own problem.

    None of my podcasts have been auto-updating recently - since the iTunes 10.0.1 update, I think.

    My podcast default settings are:
    Check for new episodes: every day
    When new episodes are available: download all

    My podcasts are set to use the default settings, but won't download until I click *Update Podcasts*, then all new episodes promptly begin downloading.
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    Did you wait long enough? I noticed that iTunes keeps a very strict 24h schedule if you set the podcast download to "daily". So when you did your last sync at 08:10 yesterday it will not sync before 8:10 today...