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I got this message after running Disk Utility from my Snow Leopard disk; regular disk utility was running slow so I went to the DVD. I had just installed iTunes 10 and it crashed a few times; I was also unable to get online, so repairing permissions and disk seemed prudent.
My machine works fine. What does this message mean and what do I have to do, if anything.

Intel Pro 2x2.8 Quad, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
  • The hatter Level 9 Level 9
    Should have been done BEFORE installing 10.6.

    The partition table map changed in 10.6 from what it was in earlier versions, and reason that at least for me I initialize drives after doing a backup and then install.

    I strongly recommend having a small 30GB OS X volume for repairs maintenance and emergency use only instead of DVD which afterall will get old and left behind. Then add a bootable backup clone as well so you have a working system before you run repairs, updates, or install (you would still have an alternate system to work from).

    The message is information only. But hopefully more stable now.
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    Thanks, Hatter. If I wait for 10.6.5 and then wipe the HD with the install disc, reformat with the disc and then install the OS with the update, and then do a partial restore from Time Machine ( no System folders), will that do the trick?
    As I said, everything runs fine now, and this is the first time I have ever seen this message after using DIsc Utility.
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    Do a favor, clone your system and set aside 30GB - maybe on that T/M drive - to run OS X from.

    I have found that relying only on DVD, only on Apple Disk Repair, in the end, better to have on hand and use Disk Warrior (maybe DG3 or TTPro 5) in addition, and use one of those to test and repair/rebuild the directory.

    You should have seen the message, should have run repairs, before upgrading. Sounds like this then was also the first time you even booted from DVD and used DU Disk Repair.

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    If the message is "Updating boot support partitions for the volume AS required," as in the sample below, all it means is Disk Utility is doing that as/if necessary. It's not an error message, and there's nothing you need to do.



    What's important is whether you got the "appears to be OK" message.
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    Yes, of course that must be it (**** these old eyes!). Thanks for your help.
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    Yeah, I have pair of those, too!
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    hey pondini
    4tb wd my book
    could not verify, directed to go to repair
    went thru repair,
    "the volume my book was repaired successfully."
    "volume repair complete."
    "updating boot support partitions for the volume AS required."
    seems like stalled on this step, so just leave it be and let it
    do what it needs to?
    can't access this 4tb drive i use for itunes
    so i think since it says "updatING"
    i should just leave it alone. yes?
    and of course unfortunately i never backed up this drive
    if i am able to repair this drive
    what is your best backup recommendation?
    thank you thank you.
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    I have the same problem as the post above -

    External Lacie 1TB drive, 2 partitions (Windows and Mac)
    Neither partitions are mounting, but able to see the HD and both partitions in Disk Utility as unmounted (cannot see on my laptop with 10.5.8 OS, but another one w/ 10.6.5)
    directed to go to repair for both. Picked one and went thru repair, says
    "the volume my book was repaired successfully."
    "volume repair complete."
    "updating boot support partitions for the volume AS required."
    (No msg saying OK)
    The bar at the bottom is moving along - "Verify and Repair volume [VOLUME NAME]". Hard drive appears to be churning, off and on, slow & fast, etc.
    This has been going for quite a while, at least 45 mins.
    Do I just leave it be or stop it? Is it stuck? How long should this take? Am I doing more harm by leaving it on this step?

    Please help, as this data is not backed up anywhere else.

    Thank you.
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    Mac OS X
    Hi, posting to the end of an older, "answered" thread (green star) won't get much attention. Much better to start a new topic and explain from the beginning what's been happening.
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    Thanks for the advice on posting to a new forum. However, I just waited and eventually the process finished and the disk mounted and showed up (both partitions).