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I have not tended to my e-mail account in quite some time and currently have over 7600 messages. Is there a way to delete all of the messages but not mess with the server information?

What happens if I delete the whole mailbox? How do I get new incoming mail if I delete the inbox?

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Mac Book Pro 17", Mac OS X (10.6.4)
  • Stanley Horwitz Level 4 (2,705 points)
    The number of messages you have is not nearly as important as the amount of your email quota you are using. You can find out how much quota you are using by right-clicking on your mailbox from within Mail and selecting the "Account info" option from the contextual-menu. If you prefer, you can always archive your messages to your Mac and then delete them. Directions on how to do that can be found by pulling down the help menu in Mac OS X and then typing "archive" in the search field.
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    You should probably log in to whatever web mail interface your e-mail provider gives you, if any, and delete those messages there. They'll take a long time to manage in Mail. If there's no web mail, contact your e-mail provider and ask them to delete everything in your in box.