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iPhone battery sizes

I need to get a new battery in an iPhone 2g, and don't want to pay Apple to do it for me.

There are some nice aftermarket batteries for the iPhone 3g that have greater capacity (1600+mah vs. 1400mah for the standard 2g battery). My question is, will the 3g battery fit inside a 2g iPhone?

I know both batteries have the same voltage(3.7), so I won't blow anything out, but are the connectors and dimensions of the batteries the same? Will it fit?


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    The original iPhone and iPhone 3G have different batteries. The dimensions are different and the conncetion to the logic board from the battery is different so it is a no go.

    To make the DIY repair harder the original iPhone's battery wire is soldered to the logic board. So this means that you either have some soldering to do at the logic board end or on the battery terminals to get the new battery installed.

    The other option is to find a case with a battery to make the original iPhone las longer. I have an original iPhone with a battery that dies in no time with the screen running. I managed to find a cheaper battery case for the iPhone 3G and then modified the case to work with the original iPhones case. I have a battery on order too but the case is working fine for the moment.