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islandphotographer Level 1 (0 points)
I am in need for help.
Since moving to MacPro Nehalem, OS 10.6.4, I have the following issue:

Printing on Epson Stylus 4800 out of Photoshop CS5 Extended, I get cyan cast around the picture.
It does not show in the print area, but in all the printable mediaformat around.
I use the latest driver 6.65 and different custom paper profiles. These are from different sources( manufacturer of the paper and custom paper profiles).
The Printer Settings are correct - relative colormetric and compensate the darks active - as I always had under 10.5.8 and 10.4.11. No colour Adjustment chosen in the print settings...

I had the profiles checked by the manufacturers and by Dr. Phil Green from ICC.
The profiles are correct...

I sent some testprints and screenshots of my workflow to epson germany.
But maybe anyone has some hints....

MacPro Nehalem, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
  • islandphotographer Level 1 (0 points)
    I spoke to Epson, Germany, and Adobe Support and here is the conclusion:

    Apples ColorSync Engine in Snow Leopard is still faulty.
    There are cases in which the profiles are not matched properly.
    This is causing the cyan cast around the picture.

    Epson is not willing to share information about the specificationnumber of their profiles.
    So I can not tell if they are version 2 or 4.

    So either stay away from epson or from Snow Leopard - depending what is
    better for your workflow.

    There has not been much help from Apple nor from Epson.

    I hope this changes in the future!
  • steveteak Level 1 (0 points)
    HI, I also am getting a very light grey area (more neutral than cyan..looks like LLK ink) around the surrounding 'white' border on Epson R2880 but not on the actual image area.
    I am using MP quad xeon 2.66 with 10.6.4.
    I am using Fotospeed inks and custom profiles made for my set up and paper.
    I have had many conversation with my supplier (fotospeed Uk) and they have tested profile but are not experiencing this grey area on their prints.

    Using the Epson profiles there is no grey border area appearing. So epson have managed to get around any issues there may be in 10.6.4 but other independant paper / profile makes seem to have a problem. - Is there a secret that epson have figured out and have not passed on to other manufacturers?

    And when I print from a MBP running 10.5.6 it is fine, no grey borders/ white space on prints. So we can only conclude that 10.6.4 is not truely applying colour profiles and overriding something or is just a bit corrupt and interpretating things wrongly.

    My vendor cannot understand this and cannot find where the bug is. But they say its an apple OS / colour profiling issue.. Or could this be a Epson driver issue, not running properly on 10.6.4?

    Also I have noticed on the Print window in CS4 & 5 there are more options in the OS 10.5.6 than in 10.6.4. (these options are the ability to choose advanced colour control and BW tone printing from the epson controls. These are not available in 10.6.4.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    My supplier has said to print from mac running 10.5.6 as a workaround and appears to be end of story from their side. But this is a workaround and impractical to print exhibition prints from a MBP where I will have to make slight PS adjustments on image when printing to get the very best colour/tone possible. And continually transferring files across is a hassle also.

  • elol Level 1 (0 points)
    fewer options normally means you may have selected the Gutenberg drivers by mistake....
  • elol Level 1 (0 points)
    I use a 3800 and driver 6.57 CS5 PSE9 and get the grey /cyan cast outside the actual print area too in fact the entire printable area of the paper is filled.
    Installed the PSE9 on 10.5.8 and this did not happen therefore all points to snow leopard again!!! using 10.6.4

    used PSE6 and all was ok but as usual colours with old versions of all Photoshop software are messed up on snow leopard..
  • elol Level 1 (0 points)
    Sorry here goes one more.. I am not using Epson Profiles... but profiles generated specifically for my printer by my paper supplier..
  • elol Level 1 (0 points)
    Steve.... did you get around your problem with grey/cyan border?

    I have one other profile form MOAB legion paper and it works.... perfectly....

    why not down load a profile for your 2880 printer form there and test it.. l would like to find out what happens...

    cheers elo
  • elol Level 1 (0 points)
    are there any of you on this post or reading this with the same problem that are using the US drivers????

    they are all eu users.....

    I am trying to find the common denominator...

    cheers elo
    this note also posted on the adobe forum
  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,165 points)
    Epson is not willing to share information about the specification number of their profiles. So I can not tell if they are version 2 or 4.

    That's ridiculous of them. What possible harm could there be for them to tell you something as simple as whether they're either ICC version 2, or version 4 profiles.

    As noted in your other threads, the whole issue seems to be a bug in Snow Leopard's version of ColorSync with version 4 profiles.

    So either stay away from epson or from Snow Leopard - depending what is better for your workflow.

    I'm using Snow Leopard and an Epson Stylus Pro 4000. Color is just what I expect. I also create and use only ICC version 2 profiles. I never use any canned profiles.
  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,165 points)
    If you want to know what version the profiles are, launch the ColorSync Utility. Click on the Profiles heading. Expand the sections at the left as necessary to view the profile you want to check and highlight it. The resulting information on the right will tell you what the version number is.
  • elol Level 1 (0 points)
    Kurt: what tool/software do you use to generate your icc profiles?
  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,165 points)
    For the software, I'm currently using Monaco Profiler Platinum, which is sold by X-Rite. Sometime next year, they're coming out with a combined update of that, and Gretag-MacBeth's (whom X-Rite also bought out) ProfileMaker software. The new software will be named i1Profiler.

    For printers, I'm using an X-Rite DTP-70 auto reading spectrophotometer to read in the profiling color patches. This is a really nice unit, but has been discontinued by X-Rite in favor of the newer i1iSis.

    For our scanner, Monaco Profiler with reflective and transparent slide targets.

    Digital cameras are basically impossible to profile because with all but the most expensive models (like Hassleblad or similar), you can't turn off profile embedding. Even with (example), Nikon's top of the line D3x, D3 or D700 models, all images, even RAW, are saved with either Adobe RGB or sRGB embedded profiles. In order to profile a device, it needs to shoot completely untagged images, which most cameras simply won't allow you to do.

    Monitor's are the hardest. LCD monitors are great for their sharpness, much lighter weight and smaller footprint, but they throw both colorimeters and spectrophotometers for a loop. I've tried the ColorMunki spectrophotometer with our EIZO CG243W. Lousy results (the software doesn't have anywhere near enough controls, either). I also have three colorimeters, the X-Rite i1Display, an X-Rite DTP-94 (originally the Monaco Optix XR), and a Spyder 3. All of them come out with different results on the same monitor. Usually very green compared to a GTI viewing booth gray, sometimes pink. With this monitor, the only combination that creates a correct gray is Monaco Profiler with the DTP-94, and then only if I tell the software to use the monitor's native white point. Trying to set it to D50 or 5000K produces a green profile.

    This is the bane of almost all LCD monitors. It is a lot harder than it should be to profile a correct gray. It takes a lot of experimenting with different software and hardware to find the combination that works.
  • elol Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi guys.

    just installed MACOSX 10.6.5 Combo

    no fix for the grey area and the traversing entire sheet.


    did the normal thing

    backed up drive
    ran ONYX (permissions and all)
    then fired up photo

    no fix..
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    I'm Having the same issue with multiple situations, all snow leopard:
    SL OSX/PS CS5/Epson Pro4880/ X-Rite Custom Profile
    SL OSX/PS CS5/Epson Pro4800/ X-Rite Custom Profile
    SL OSX/PS CS4/Epson Pro4800/ X-Rite Custom Profile

    This doesn't happens when:
    Leopard OSX/PS CS4/Epson Pro 4880/ X-Rite Custom Profile
    Leopard OSX/PS CS4/Epson Pro 4800/ X-Rite Custom Profile
    SL OSX/PS CS5/Epson Pro 4880/ Datacolor Custom Profile

    I'm totally confused, but my guess is a problem with apple OSX.

    Hope anybody could bring some light to this, it seems to be widespread.
  • elol Level 1 (0 points)
    try ICC profiles 2.0 they seem to work.. let me know If I am wrong tell me

    I have found most 2.4 do not work with snow leopard and PSE9 and CS5 but they do work with PSE6 but have lousy colours.

    If anyone have a 3800 or 4800 mat ink profile 2.0 can I have it to test....

    also any datacolor profiles please
    I am trying to add to the matrix I am building up... so far all 2.4 xrite not working right on SL


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