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I see that the new 4th Generation iPod Touch has a camera and reportedly has iOS version 4.1 installed. iOS 4.1 is said to have HDR as a new feature. Unfortunately I cannot seem to tell from the Apple specs whether this feature is iPhone only or if the new iPod Touch can take advantage as well. Does anyone know for certain if this new feature is supporting the iPod Touch?

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    I had thought Steve said that the 4G Touch would support it, but maybe it is only iPhone 4 with 4.1 installed. According to the review on iLounge the 4G Touch does not support HDR, which is not surprising since the camera is only 0.7MP (yes, that's the rear-facing one).
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    I just got my new iPod Touch today and mistakenly believed it supported HDR. It isn't available in the Camera app and I have to believe it isn't supported in the iPod Touch. I wish that had been made clear in advance as I'm a bit disappointed. As far as I'm concerned the keynote did imply that HDR would be on the iPod touch although upon consideration that was never stated.

    That being said, brief experimentation with the camera in the new iPod touch yields excellent results considering it is a .7 megapixel camera. Once again Apple has done a superb job using software to get the most out of modest hardware specs.

    There is another issue with the retina display which I found surprising although I rather like it. The white point of the screen is very close to a calibrated 5000K monitor as opposed to the white point of the 3rd Gen iPod Touch which is probably about 7500K, distinctly toward a blue-white, beyond the 6500K standard which is supposed to relate to daylight.

    So if you are expecting a magic camera with HDR (as I was to some degree), you will be mistaken but when you account for the actual quality vs. price point the value is just fine. In fact the value of this iPod Touch as opposed to the third gen version is a great deal more than the difference between the second and third generation.
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    Confirmed it in the Apple store myself. With the demo ipod Touch the HDR feature was not available. Note that with the demo iPhone it was available (as expected).
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    How many MB/minute is a video recorded with ipod touch 4g (720p)?

    Which is the quality of photos shooted with ipod touch?
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    I just ran a quick test to try and provide some info, Kokkolos. I shot a 1:27 video. It looks surprisingly good. The standard def file size was 8 MB. The HiDef file size was 25.6 MB. Still shots are perfectly fine for quick camera shots to send to friends but my feeling is that they don't approach a point and shoot camera. The basic size is 720px x 960px. In good light the shots are OK but a bit blurry. With Photoshop you can enhance the results so they are perfectly adequate for email or non-critical online use. A bit of de-noise followed by the Smart Sharpen filter is a quick enhancement.

    As you try to shoot in progressively dimmer light the software is surprisingly good but the amount of noise increases as the light level decreases. I held off getting an iPhone 4 hoping that this new touch would be equivalent without the phone and contract. It is a remarkable device but doesn't approach the quality of the iPhone, photographically speaking.
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    So an HD 720p video long 1min and 27sec is about 25MB?

    Is the quality good?

    Which votes do you assign for photo, video and general ipod touch?
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    The Pro HDR app in the app store supports the 4g ipod touch . I've found the camera , although low spec , fine for taking everyday snaps , especially outdoors and in good light .
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    my iPod Touch 4th gen was updated to iOS 5.1 2-3weeks ago




    And whenever I shoot photos or capture photos, its says "Saving HDR"