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Safari 5 is so slow when loading even text only based websites. Apple must thoroughly test Safari 5 on older Macs. There are millions of owners with older G4 and G5 based computers running OS 10.5 Leopard. Why did Apple release Safari 5 without properly and thoroughly testing it?

2004 Powermac G5, 1.8GHz Single Processor, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 3GB RAM, 80GB HDD, Nvidia 6800 Ultra DDL 256MB VRAM
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    I have two G4's running the latest version of Safari on Tiger without any lag or hang time.

    Have you checked for available disk space lately? Right or control click the MacintoshHD icon. Click Get Info. In the Get Info window you will see Capacity and Available. Make sure you always have a minimum of 10% to 15% free disk space at all times.

    Try troubleshooting the Safari .plist file. Open a Finder window. Select your Home Folder in the Sidebar on the left. It has a small house icon. Then open the Library folder then the Preferences folder. Move the com.apple.Safari.plist file from the Preferences folder to the Desktop. Now launch Safari. If Safari speeds up loading web pages, them move the .plist file to the Trash.

    Web pages include a small icon or 'favicon' which is visible in the address bar and next to bookmarks. These icons take up disk space and slow Safari down. It is possible to erase the icons from your computer and start fresh. *To delete Safari's icon using the Finder, open your user folder, navigate to ~/Library/Safari/ and move this file "webpageIcons.db to the Trash.*

    Go to Safari/Preferences then select the Security tab. Deselect: "Enable plugins"
    Relaunch Safari and see if it still freezes. If it doesn't, they it's possible you have an incompatible third party plug-in installed, go here for help with that. http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3230?viewlocale=en_US

    Add security and anti phishing filters using Open DNS - Free/Basic. Instructions here.

    Empty the Safari caches more often. From the Safari menu bar click Safari / Empty Cache. You can Reset Safari from the same menu... Safari / Reset Safari

    Check for Login Items. Open System Preferences/Accounts then select the Login Items tab. Delete any files or apps you have listed there. And go to /Library/Startup Items. Move any files in the Startup Items folder to the Trash.

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    Thanks for your help. Safari is now much faster with text based websites, but that's not nearly enough. 60% of my hard drive is empty so there was never a problem with my system resources. Safari is still slow in loading pages with any graphics and it crashes on Youtube frequently or it gets stuck loading videos. Very unstable with Youtube. I don't think Safari 5 is mature enough for my needs and I have to move on. Safari 4 was the best version by far. I installed Camino web browser and it's super quick loading any web pages I throw at it and rock stable with Youtube. It's even better than Firefox.
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    I have yet to find a browser as fast as Safari 5.0.2. Pages load in less than a second.

    Do you have enough RAM? Less than 1GB can cause slowness. Is your hard drive too full? Less than 15%, or 15GB, of free space can also cause slowness.

    If you use a router, does it have the latest firmware installed? Safari 5 introduced 'DNS Prefetching' (Safari looks up the addresses of links on webpages and can load those pages faster) which could strain some routers or modems producing a 'latency' in page loading. This was fixed in Safari 5.0.1, but you may see a benefit from getting a faster router or modem.

    Adding DNS codes to your Network Preferences, should give good results in terms of speed-up as well as added security:

    If you are using a single computer: Open System Preferences/Network. Double click on your connection type, or select it in the drop-down menu, and in the box marked 'DNS Servers' add the following two numbers:

    (You can also enter them if you click on Advanced and then DNS)

    Sometimes reversing the order of the DNS numbers can be beneficial in cases where there is a long delay before web pages start to load, and then suddenly load at normal speed:


    If your computer is part of a network: please refer to this page: http://www.opendns.com/start/bestpractices/#yournetwork and follow the advice given.

    (An explanation of why using Open DNS is both safe and a good idea can be read here: http://www.labnol.org/internet/tools/opendsn-what-is-opendns-why-required-2/2587 /

    Wikipedia also has an interesting article about Open DNS:


    Whilst in System Preferences/Network you should also turn off 'IPv6' in your preference pane, as otherwise you may not get the full speed benefit (the DNS resolver will default to making SRV queries). If you want to know what IPv6 is:

    This is Apple's guidance on iPv6:


    Click on Apply Now and close the window.

    Restart Safari, and repair permissions.

    Also, third-party add-ons created for a previous version of Safari may cause problems:


    If that didn't do it, then try this as well:

    Empty Safari's cache (from the Safari menu), then close Safari.

    Go to Home/Library/Safari and delete the following files:

    form values

    Then go to Home/Library/Preferences and delete


    Repair permissions (in Disk Utility).

    Start up Safari again, and things should have improved.

    More useful information here:

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    Thanks for the ideas for speeding up Safari.

    What is the purpose of the "form value" and "downloads.plist" files that you suggest deleting?

    The last version of Safari 4 was very fast on my G5 iMac, but 5.0.1 was noticeably slower. I'm hoping that your suggestions and 5.0.2 will speed things up considerably.
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    crashes on Youtube frequently

    Uninstall your current copy of Flash, then reinstall new, then repair permissions.

    Uninstall Flash

    Install the most recent version of Flash here.

    Now repair permissions.

    Launch Disk Utility. (Applications/Utilities) Select MacintoshHD in the panel on the left, select the FirstAid tab. Click: Repair Disk Permissions. When it's finished from the Menu Bar, Quit Disk Utility and restart your Mac. If you see a long list of "messages" in the permissions window, it's ok. That can be ignored. As long as you see, "Permissions Repair Complete" when it's finished... you're done. Quit Disk Utility and restart your Mac.

    If Safari still crashes, post a crash report so we can find out what's causing this.

    If Safari has just crashed, press the Report button on the CrashReporter dialog box to view the crash information.

    Now copy/paste the entire contents of the Crash Reporter window into your reply here. If the crash report dialog does not appear or the crash is hard to reproduce, crash logs can be retrieved from the ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter> folder.

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    Dear Carolyn,
    Thank you very much for trying to help me with Safari 5 performance. And I tried all your suggested tricks to try and improve the Safari 5, but it's still very crash prone on Youtube and much slower on every other website than Camino web browser. Camino never crashes no matter what the load is and no matter how long I am on Youtube at a time. And I am sometimes for 12 hours straight on Youtube.

    My conclusion after exhaustive tests and comparisons with Camino 2 is that Safari 5 is just too heavy and too bug infested to be usable for me. I like to go over websites quickly and I want them loaded immediately no matter how graphics heavy they are. I want those Youtube videos to load instantly and I want to be able to switch from one video to the next in a second and start watching it immediately.

    My 2004 Powermac G5 is an awesome machine and I have Adobe CS4 Design Premium Suite loaded on it and none of the applications ever crash on it except Safari 5. That should tell you something. Camino 2 is now my default browser and I will not be going back to Safari for as long as I can. Camino 2 is so much better for older machines and it has the same Gecko 1.9 rendering engine as Firefox 3.6.

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