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Hi Everyone!

I just upgraded my iPhone 3GS to iOS 4.1 and now I can no longer set customized ringtones for individual users. At first, my phone had lost all my contacts (which are synced to an Exchange server). When I restored my contacts I noticed that I can no longer have custom ringtones for individual contacts. There's no option there any more. Just the number, a "notes" section. Anyone else have this problem?

Custom Built PC, Windows 7
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    Never mind. They moved that setting under the edit option.
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    excuse me for seeming stupid what do you mean under the edit option ?
  • Swizzlar Level 2 (330 points)
    You can add custom ringtones to your contacts from the edit button found in your phone book, that option was available on the contacts main page rather than in the edit option found when you click on the contact you want to assign a custom ringtone to

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    hi then i know what your on about my only issue now with the ringtones is i can only add/load 1 ringtone at a time to my custom library wont allow more than 1 on the phone where as i used to be able to have multiple thanks
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    That's a weird issue, mine synced all my ring-tones to my iphone. im not too sure about that issue but go to the ring-tones page when you iphone is connected to your PC and make sure sync all ring-tones is selected. hope that helps you solve your issue.
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    All sorted it was the ringtone converter i was using now using iringer and all is well again
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    For some reason in iOS 4.1 the option to add a ringtone was removed from the main view of an individual contact. Now the only way to assign one is via the Edit option, which I find to be a pain! I liked it in iOS 2.x and 3.x that you could quickly assign ringtones WITHOUT having to tap edit and scroll down.

    Once the ringtone has been added, THEN it does show up and is changeable without having to tap Edit on the contact you assigned one too.

    Definitely a step backwards!

    I would also love the ability (been asking since day one) to assign a ringtone to a GROUP of contacts. Such a pain doing them one by one and if you ever need to turn contact syncing off and on for MobileMe then you lose all your ringtone assignments.
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    Not Only did they "bury" this useful feature - they also dis-associated all my existing definitions of ring tones for all my contacts!!! Grrrrrrr!

    250+ individual ring tones that let me know who's calling for over 700 contacts!
    Dumb move! Why should they care how I use my iPhone?
    They have no right to redefine settings on my contacts..!!

    Whose bright idea was this to not save the exist ring tone definitions?!!?
    (..please wait while iPhone is backed up....... yeah right!!)

    Please folks "un-bury" this feature again and next upgrade "SAVE the ringtones"!


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    Hi all, I created a ringtone but when I try to sync it to my Iphone it show as it did go in but does not show in the phone under sounds at all. Am I missing something or is this no longer available?