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Does anyone know how ATT handles the FaceTime charges?

For example, my brother has an iPhone 4 in Europe and I am in the USA. Last weekend I placed a call with him and did FaceTime. It was great. Here are my 3 questions related to this:

1. Does ATT charge me for the duration of the whole call or is it just to initiate the call and then the rest is on WiFi?

2. If I do it on an iPod Touch is the FaceTime call free from ATT charges?

3. With IOS 4.1 can I place a WiFi FaceTime call with my brother using my iPhone 4 and totally avoid the ATT network and thus avoid ATT charges?

Thank you!

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    In order of questions asked.

    1. No. Only for the original minute or so that it took you to place the call and switch to FaceTime.

    2. No. AT&T had no part in even establishing the connection.

    3. Theoretically, yes. However, the initial call is used more or less to know that the person you are trying to contact is even available.

    Hope that helps.
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    I think I was a little unclear in question 3. I guess what I was asking for in number 3: Can I place a iPod touch kind of FaceTime call with my iPhone using their email address in 4.1 and totally avoid engaging the ATT network just as iPod touches can do?
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    I can successfully report that I was able to initiate a FaceTime call with someone else while my iPhone 4 was in wifi only mode. This means there was no way for AT&T to be involved in the exchange at all. So yes, you can use the iPhone 4 just like the iPod Touch and initiate FaceTime calls with someone else without ever actually calling them the first time.

    I hope this helps.

    (NOTE: The person I initiated the FaceTime call with was already listed in my contacts as a FaceTime user so the service knew how to locate him.)
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    att is not allowing most users to use the face time on 3g http://facetimefaceplant.tumblr.com/