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freeze68below Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
will there ever be an external dvd or cd drive for the ipad

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  • Tamara Level 6 Level 6 (13,730 points)
    It's unlikely since there is no real need for external drives on the iPad.
  • David_o99 Level 1 Level 1 (70 points)
    The trend and future is clearly that all content/data/software is exchanged and available directly through an internet connection. Physical media (CD/DVD/bluray) will eventually go away except for backup purposes, if at all.

    It would also defeat the size advantage to carry a DVD drive plus DVDs around with you to watch them on the iPad.
  • Mr.C UK Level 2 Level 2 (410 points)
    The short answer is no. As already mentioned that would defeat the purpose of the iPad. It's no mean to be a laptop replacement.
  • harb0926 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Not for you, but some people might want to plug it in to watch a DVD movie.
  • Johnathan Burger Level 6 Level 6 (15,625 points)
    Dvds are mpeg2 video.
    Ipad does not support mpeg2 playback.
    You can not power a dvd player off of the ipad-so you would have to csrry the ipad,dvd player,power brick for the dvd player and dvds.

    Bigger pita than it is worth.
  • N_finite Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    A power "brick" could just be a battery on a DVD drive. If it was then built with the ability to broadcast via wifi or Bluetooth there could there be an app that converts the media into a viewable format (or, more likely, built into the portable DVD drive). Imagine you could do some basic controls on the drive through an app on the iPad, you could have extra memory built into the drive to store loaded movies, documents, photos, etc.. While I know there are devices that do the storage aspect of this, the culture has not come far enough that there are no longer DVDs and CDs with necessary files on them. Many people with large DVD libraries don't want to sit and take the time and effort to load them all to be accessible in the particular format needed (to do this on the go would require a laptop at least, which is certainly a large added accessory). Plus, I would prefer the option to watch one of my own movies, or rent a movie for $1 at RedBox, than spend the $4+ iTunes would charge for a rental (if they have it available for rent at all), and require that I finish it within a 24 period, which is not always a possibility. I definitely think there is a market for this type of product.